321Sportscast is Brevard County's social media platform created for the athletes! We specialize in promoting and broadcasting the athletes of the 321 so that the friends, family, coaches, teammates and so many more, near and far, can celebrate the wonderful achievements that come out of our great community. We take great pride in promoting athletes of all ages, all sports and all levels. The more kids we can promote, the better. 

We offer broadcasting in almost any sport or event! If you have an upcoming event that you would like to see broadcast for all of Brevard County to see, please email us at 321sportscast@gmail.com.

If you know an athlete between the ages of 1-100 and would like to see them promoted on our social media channels, please email us a picture or two along with some information. We also take requests for athlete interviews. You can send us a summary about that athlete and we will consider having them into our studio or meeting them in the field for an interview.

Our audience is large and our community interaction is great, so if you own or manage a business and would like to advertise with us, feel free to reach out at 321sportscast@gmail.com. We promise to give you a ton of exposure for a very low price!