Little Peeps: These posts feature the younger players for leagues, club programs and organizations all over town. Parents can send in their child’s info along with pictures and 321 SportsCast will post random profiles every week. They are receiving much engagement and interest.

Future Stars: These posts are for school age league, club programs, prep sports and organizations throughout the county and gives praise to athletes who may not have a spotlight otherwise as well as the names you hear on a regular basis doing big things. Parents and organizations are giving great feedback and interaction. These posts act to build awareness and create community support for 321SportsCast and each of the communities themselves within Brevard County. With these accolades the students feel a sense of pride that encourages continued success on and off the field or court.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Our team posts feature teams. Focusing on teams and putting a spotlight on athletes working together learning more than athletic accomplishments but the lessons learned on the fields and courts that translate to life.

Did You Know?: These posts feature trivia and fun information about teams, sports and any related sports interest facts.

Coaches Corner: This category features coaches who work hard to make a difference in the community by effectively teaching skills in sports as well as life’s lessons. These posts focus on the important people who build into the lives of young athletes and leave lasting impressions.

Turn Back the Clock: These posts are a spotlight on important events, achievements and people in Brevard’s history related to sports.

Heroes: These posts honor our military and first responders who also have contributed to Brevard sports currently or in the past.

Posted with content or as a graphic including the information, all these posts provide interesting content designed to engage and interact with the audience. 321SportsCast also includes posted video content for Tips of the Week for recruiting, health, training and sports related skills from Brevard County contributors. BannerTour posts are fun videos to deliver our banner and allow 321 SportsCast to interview a program or business. 321ShoutOut posts are literal shout outs to the community and 321 SportsCast providing additional interaction and engagement.
321SportsCast provides Brevard’s most in depth and complete sports coverage. Committed to covering ALL sports in the "321" including the youngest league and Pop Warner athletes, club and Prep sports, local college and semi-pro sports, coaches, athletic directors and sports related businesses with everything in between.

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At 321 SportsCast we believe that supporting these athletes and endeavors promotes self-esteem, positive recognition and creates pride and participation in the community. This belief is consistent with the local community leaders, athletic directors and coaches around the county. Our following includes not only these influencers but the students, athletes and families who live, work and own businesses in Brevard. In addition to posting good content, 321SportsCast provides coverage of live events and programs including sports talk shows, broadcasted games, special event coverage and interviews. This programming is provided in produced videos or live stream. This venue is a platform offering the ability to promote, spotlight and deliver information to the community.

Funded by sponsor advertising dollars and donations, 321SportsCast also offers local businesses an affordable way to reach their target audience as well as participate in a positive community endeavor. The plan is to grow an engaged audience of potential clients/patrons for advertisers while spotlighting youth athletics/programs, students and communities’ sports related events countywide.  321SportsCast plans to showcase Brevard sports with our platforms and media events.

This quickly growing platform will offer the reach and engagement that advertisers look for in digital media as well as a much-needed venue for sports coverage and information in Brevard. Some of our post content includes
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