How can I help?


What is 321Scholarships?

There are different ways that you can help.

1. You can click the paypal button over to the right side of this page and simply make a donation. Every dollar counts!

2. Spread the word. You will start to see posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please share and ask your friends to help support!

3. Our fishbowl program! We have plenty of donation fishbowls ready to be placed at businesses all across Brevard County. If you own, manage or know a business that will let us place a fishbowl at the counter by the register, please contact us and let us know. We will get one right out. Fishbowls get collected biweekly and are a great source of raising funds!

4. Sponsor a scholarship! We are looking for sponsors. These can be businesses or individual. If you do a business sponsorship, we will make sure you get plenty of great PR on our platform. Its a double win!

Who will get the scholarships?

Our scholarships will go to student athletes that have been nominated by their coaches, parents or athletic directors for their commitment to the team as a whole, their attitude towards competition, their effort, their academic success and their sportsmanship towards others. In short, we want to recognize the athletes that usually never get the attention they deserve. It doesn't matter which sport they play or how great they are compared to their peers. The 321Scholarships are simply about the whole picture.

We are excited about the opportunity to help offset the funds needed for our student athletes of Brevard County to attend college. We all know that a college education comes with a big price for most, so we want to do our part to help out and recognize student athletes across the 321 and lead the way for citizens and businesses to get involved to help support our cause! Our mission is to award a $500 scholarship to 1 individual every week with a live presentation interview with that recipient.


Must be in 9th - 12th grade in high school for the current year.

Must play at least 1 sport. Sport can be club or high school.

Must maintain a 3.0 non weighted GPA

Must reside and attend high school in Brevard County

All nominations will go into a random drawing and be selected weekly by a sponsored company or individual.